Giving Back To The Community

Opening of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

After all the success during the Company's forty years in restaurant operations, "It is very important to give back to our community," notes Larry Cimmarusti. The brothers remembered their roots in Simi Valley and were key contributors to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. At its opening, the Cimmarustis helped cater the event, serving meals to the five U.S. Presidents in attendance. The names of Lawrence and Ralph Cimmarusti appear proudly engraved in one of the more prominent locations at the library.

Today, the brothers remain active in aiding law enforcement and they have continued that tradition by donating approximately one million dollars to families of police officers killed in the line of duty. The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation as well as the Gil Garcetti's Rescue Youth Program also enjoy their support.

Cimmarusti Science Center

Larry and Ralph have been significant contributors to many other causes in the Southern California area as well. Education is another major cause to which they have contribute their time and resources, including a one million dollar donation to Glendale Community College for the construction of a new Science Center on campus.

Other noteworthy causes include the Glendale Memorial Hospital and needy Catholic parishes in the Southern California area including The Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California. These are selected examples of many areas of community involvement sponsored by the brothers.