The Cimmarusti Story
The Los Angeles, California based business started with an Italian Deli located in starry Hollywood 40 years ago. The company then became franchisees of Burger King and according to the Restaurant Monitor rankings, the Company rated as one of the top 100 largest restaurant franchisees in the country. Building on its success in quick service dining, the company branched out into casual dining to become one of the largest franchisees of Tony Roma’s Restaurants in Southern California. Last but not least, the company purchased the Original Roadhouse Grill chain, another casual dining concept.

The Cimmarusti brothers, Larry and Ralph, grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from Eagle Rock High and Glendale Community College. The brothers own 100% of the company and its related affiliates. "As you grow you don’t realize how big you are," said Larry. The Company now operates 11 Original Roadhouse Grill restaurants as well as owning several large real estate developments. "I still look at it as a mom and pop business."

The Start of Success
The restaurant business began shortly after high school and junior college with an Italian Deli in Hollywood, CA. The first restaurant was actually an open-fronted Hollywood vegetable market purchased for $5,000 that was converted into an Italian Deli. Frequented by the stars that lived in the Hollywood Hills, the deli thrived and provided an exciting start into the restaurant world. It was from this humble start that the Cimmarustis learned the importance of community involvement. The brothers worked diligently to promote the business

The Business Today
The business today looks much different than it did 40 years ago. The Company operates casual dining restaurants in 2 states. The business also grew into other related areas. The skills learned in building new restaurants provided a logical entry into real estate development. The Company owns approximately 15 properties throughout the western United States which includes office buildings and retail strip centers, and has a construction company that is actively involved in restaurant/retail center development.